Saturday, January 31, 2009

I guess I have some explaining to do...

So I'm told that part of what separates a blog (the men) from a diary (the boys) is the unique message each blog has to share with its readership. I'm not promising a message that is unique, per se. The terms "green" and "environmentally-friendly" are certainly commonplace buzzwords employed by blogs, newspapers, and millions of marketing campaigns all across the globe. I'd like to use this blog to figure out what it really means to be "green" and how you know if you are "green" or if it really matters if you are or not. This semester, I'll be learning a lot about the different ways that people communicate about the environment and I think it will be interesting to discuss this topic as inspired by some of the literature I read. In addition, this blog will be a useful example of environmental communication that might shed some light on my own views about the meaning of being green. 

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